The 2020 George Enescu International Competition at start: 205 Young Musicians from 39 Countries Entered the Online Competition

The 2020 George Enescu International Competition opens on August 29, 2020, with 205 young musicians competing in the event, which was reorganized online amid the pandemic, out of the 272 musicians who passed the pre-selection in June.

I am sure that the George Enescu International Competition will be a huge event which will be enjoyed by much larger numbers of an audience than usual. Because most of it will be happening online so a lot more people will be following than usually when we have the audience in concert halls. We are creators of our own reality. We create it daily by our actions, thus ensuring that we have a future. But we also ensure through this that we have a past. So may the year 2020 be remembered by all of you not as the year of the virus, not as the year of fear, not as the year of cancelations, but as the year in which you made your dream come true, a year in which you participated in the George Enescu International Competition. Best of luck to you all and thank you”, transmitted Vladimir Jurowski, the Artistic Director of the George Enescu Festival and Competition, in his message for the opening of the Competition.

The remaining 205 candidates in the Competition come from 39 countries. Out of them, 184 compete in the three sections: Violin (66); Cello (54); Piano (64), and 21 participate in the Composition section, with 26 works. The youngest candidates are 14 years old, and the oldest candidates are 33.

The online segment of the Enescu Competition will run until September 20, 2020, and will consist of:

August 29, 2020, 6:00 PM EEST (Romania) – The Opening Gala Concert on the Romanian Athenaeum stage, with the George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Josep Caballé Domenech, performing two pieces in world premiere: Brahmsodia – Triple Concerto for Violin, Cello, Piano and Orchestra, Op. 169 – composed especially for this edition by Dan Dediu (Winner of the 1991 George Enescu International Competition, Composition Section), and Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra by Alexandru Ştefan Murariu (Winner of the First Prize in 2018 George Enescu International Competition, Composition Section).

The Triple concerto will have as soloists three laureates from the previous editions: Gyehee Kim (Violin, 2016), Valentin Răduțiu (Cello, 2011), and Victoria Vassilenko (Piano, 2016).

The Concert will be streamed live on Saturday, August 29, 2020, on and broadcast by the Romanian Television and Radio Romania Muzical from 3:00 PM GMT | 6:00 PM EEST (Romania). The Opening Gala Concert will be streamed live as well on the Raiffeisen Art Proiect Platform #StagiuneVirtuală (, where it may be watched for the next 30 days.

1. The First Round of the Competition in each Section will take place according to the initial program: Cello, August 30–September 3; Violin, September 5-9; Piano, September 11-15. During these periods, all the recordings sent by competitors will be published for the general public on the Enescu Competition’s website, to be enjoyed by music lovers, and will be analyzed by the members of the juries. The juries will decide the 12 competitors who will pass into the next round for each of the three Sections.

2. The Second Round of the Competition will also take place online, based on recordings of competitors’ performances, according to the initial program: Cello, September 5-7; Violin, September 11-13; Piano, September 17-19. The recordings with the performances for this Round will be available to the general public on Of the 12 competitors from the Second Round of each section, only 6 will pass into the Semifinals.

3. The Composition Section will take place according to the initial program. Each member of the jury will analyze at home the works registered in Competition, and the winner will be announced on September 20 at

Access to all the online events of the Competition during this period is free of charge. The complete program is at the following link:

The Semifinals and Finals of the three instrument sections will be held in May 2021 at the Romanian Athenaeum, in Bucharest.

The message of this year’s edition is Beauty in Life, and the 2020 George Enescu International Competition inspires us and challenges us to prove that we all have the power to reinvent ourselves and to find the strength to go through the pandemic while embracing beauty in our life.

The video clip of the campaign is at this link:

This Edition’s Awards

The total value of the awards exceeds 100,000 EUR. A new prize for originality, worth 5,000 euros, was introduced for the Composition Section.

Winning the 1st Prize at the 2020 George Enescu Competition is the access ticket to the stage of the 2021 George Enescu International Festival 2021. The Competition’s laureates will have the opportunity to perform in the next edition of the Festival, together with several of the most reputed orchestras of the world (Orchestra of the Americas, Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra and others).

The winners of the 2020 George Enescu International Competition in the Violin, Cello, and Piano Sections will benefit from a special prize, newly introduced in the Competition package: a concert with the Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic Orchestra in November 2021, at the Musikverein Golden Hall in Vienna. The three winners of the 2020 Enescu Competition will perform Ludwig van Beethoven’s Triple Concerto for Violin, Cello, and Piano, in the context of marking the 250th anniversary of the great composer’s birth worldwide. The award is offered by the IMK Society for the Promotion of Music and Culture in Vienna, an organization that works with musicians such as Maxim Vengerov or Mischa Maisky and carries out projects in collaboration with the famous label companies Sony, Decca, and Deutsche Gramophon.


The total budget for organizing the event amounts to 4,020,000 RON, allotted as follows: Part I (2020): 1,605,000 RON and Part II (2021): 2,415,000 lei.

The Official Opening

The official Opening of the 2020 Enescu Competition was marked by an online press conference that took place on Friday, August 28, at 2:00 PM EEST, streamed live on and the Facebook page of the Enescu Festival. The event was organized in two panels – “2020 George Enescu Competition – The Organizing and Unfolding Perspective” and “A Musical and Cultural Experience – The Promise of the 2020 Enescu Competition”.

Guests:  Bogdan Gheorghiu, Minister of Culture; Sergiu Nistor, Presidential Advisor on cultural issues (recorded intervention); Doina Gradea, President, General Director of the Romanian Television Company; Liliana Staicu, Director Radio Romania Musical, Director of the Romanian Radio Orchestras & Choirs; Mihai Constantinescu, the Executive Director of the George Enescu International Festival and Competition; Vladimir Jurowski, Artistic Director of  the George Enescu International Festival (recorded intervention); the conductor and the soloists of the opening concert: maestro Josep Caballé Domenech and Gyehee Kim (violinist, winner of the 2016 George Enescu International Competition); Valentin Răduțiu (cellist,  laureate of the 2011 George Enescu International Competition); Viktoria Vassilenko  (pianist, winner of the 2016 George Enescu International Competition); Dan Dediu, composer, President of the University of Music Bucharest’s Senate, author of the work Brahmsodia which will have the world premiere at the opening concert; Alexandru Ștefan Murariu, composer, first prize award-winner for the Composition Section of the 2018 Enescu Competition; Steven van Groningen, CEO Raiffeisen Bank; Sever Voinescu, Editor-in-chief Dilema Veche.

Additional Information

George Enescu Competition is an international platform for launching the future world-class musicians and for promoting the compositions of the great Romanian composer to the new generation of artists. It is thus a natural extension of the George Enescu Festival, the most important cultural event organized in Romania. The Competition has four sections – violin, cello, piano, and composition – and it ranks in the top five classical music competitions worldwide.

Press Information:  Oana Marinescu | | tel: +40741 278 737

The 2020 George Enescu Competition Invites Romanian Society To Respond To the #SaveBeautyInLife Challenge

The 2020 George Enescu International Competition launched today, August 19, on the great composer’s birth anniversary, the #SaveBeautyInLife Challenge, which invites the society to respond and act in the face of fear, adversity, and uncertainty generated by the pandemic, cherishing life and the beauty that brings joy and meaning to each one of us.

Launched in the context of the 2020’s edition of the Enescu Competition, the Save Beauty in Life Challenge is an awareness campaign, meant to bring a breath of fresh air to the social mood and inspire people to brave the pandemic, standing up to it by protecting what matters most for each individual: health, love, harmony, emotion, beauty.

Oana Marinescu, Communications Director of the George Enescu International Festival and Competition declared:

“The Enescu Competition aims to send several caring messages to Romanians, inspiring them  to find the strength to reinvent themselves, despite the immense fragility with which the pandemic has brutally confronted them: 

  1. The pandemic is a transitional period. It is important to look beyond it, to the way we will emerge, as human beings, when things settle down. We have what it takes to go through the pandemic – it’s within us, in the things that matter and which we fear we have already lost or we are losing now. We can reinvent ourselves if, instead of fear, we reconnect to their beauty and fight to carry them on into our post-pandemic lives. And this can be done simply by putting what matters most in our lives first.
  2. We are together in this brutal confrontation and only together we can overcome it. Although fear and fragility divide us, we are all people and we need each other. Our humanity binds us. We need to connect to it. Both our lives and the lives of others depend on each one of us. When we wear a mask or not, when we respect or disregard the personal hygiene rules, when we keep the social distancing or not – we choose life, or not, for ourselves and others. When we support each other, when we share the beauty in our lives, when we treat each other with respect and compassion, when we work as a team, we embraced life and make room for beauty.
  3. Arts and culture, regardless of the field, are vital to saving the beauty in our lives and, implicitly, humanity. The pandemic has deeply affected them all over the world, including in Romania. For artists to continue to create, they need support from both the public and the authorities. The arts nurture the profound expression of our humanity. And the pandemic is affecting precisely our humanity.
  4. The Enescu Competition refused to cancel its 2020’s edition, although the evolution of the pandemic pushed hard towards it. The Competition was reorganized online, in two phases, to continue to bring music into the lives of its audience and to help young competitors continue their careers, no matter how difficult it may be. The Enescu Competition embraced life, protecting the public and the artists, as well as the beauty of music. And now, it states clearly not only that the music must go on even if in the online format, but also that it depends on each of us whether the Semifinals and Finals of the 2021 Competition and the Enescu Festival 2021 will be held with audiences in the concert halls.”

The challenge launched publicly today is expressed in a Manifesto of Personal and Social Responsibility – It Is up To Us To Choose What We Lose and What We Save During the Pandemic, which was also released today. At the end of the Manifesto, the Enescu Competition invites artists, opinion leaders, persons of culture, music lovers, and life lovers to respond to the challenge and to share openly what is the beauty in their lives that they would like to hold on to in their post-pandemic life. The Manifesto can be found at this link. The Enescu Competition invites all those who take up this challenge, to share on social networks or their owned channels what Beauty in Life means to them. Together we can suffuse the public space with the energy that only beauty in life can bestow.

The firsts to respond to this Challenge are the artists and persons of culture who participated today in an online Conversation About Beauty, organized by the Enescu Competition: actress Ana Ularu, actress Maia Morgenstern, poet and playwright Matei Vişniec, composer Dan Dediu, artist Mircea Cantor, film producer Ada Solomon, soprano Bianca Ionescu, violinist Alexandru Tomescu, actress Medeea Marinescu, conductor Tiberiu Soare, pianist Mihai Ritivoiu, dancer and choreographer Gigi Căciuleanu, film critic Irina Margareta Nistor, actor Marius Manole, cultural journalist Marius Constantinescu, promoter of culture and the founder of ARCEN, Edmond Niculușcă,  and the Executive Director of the George Enescu International Festival, Mihai Constantinescu.

Also within the campaign, the 2020 George Enescu Competition launched today its campaign video clip, which you can watch at this link. The video spot is narrated by actress Ana Ularu, who was invited by the Enescu Competition to support and promote the #SaveBeautyInLife Challenge, as a symbol of the importance of collaboration between arts, of constantly evolving talent and artistic curiosity.

Additional Information about the 2020 George Enescu Competition

The 2020 George Enescu International Competition, scheduled to take place between August 29 and September 20, goes ahead, albeit in a new format with two distinct phases. The first two Rounds of the Competition will be held online in September according to the initial calendar, whereas the Semifinals and Finals of all sections are rescheduled for May 2021, at the Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest. The general public will have access to the Opening Gala and the first two Rounds exclusively online and free.

George Enescu International Competition is an international platform for launching the future world-class musicians and for promoting the compositions of the great Romanian composer to the new generation of artists. It is thus a natural extension of the George Enescu Festival, the most important cultural event organized in Romania. The Competition has four sections – violin, cello, piano, and composition – and it ranks in the top five classical music competitions worldwide.

Press Information:

Oana Marinescu | 0741 278 737 | |

“George Enescu” International Festival nominated for the first time at the International Opera Awards 2020

The “George Enescu” International Festival was nominated for the first time at the International Opera Awards 2020, in the context of the increasingly sustained promotion of the opera in its artistic program. The festival will support its nomination by presenting the jury the program dedicated to opera performed in the 2019 edition. The winners will be announced at the award ceremony held at the prestigious Sadler’s Wells in London on May 4, 2020.

In the same category, dedicated to festivals promoting opera performances, the famous Salzburg Festival was nominated, as well as other profile events such as Donizetti Opera Festival, Castell de Peralada Festival, Macerata Opera Festival and Opera FestivalO19 (Opera Philadelphia). Established in 2012, the International Opera Awards is an annual event that celebrates opera from all over the world.

“It is a great honor and joy that the “George Enescu” International Festival is recognized as a promoter of the opera, especially since this broader approach to the lyric works, owing to the artistic directions of Vladimir Jurowski, is already registered in a trend started in 2017, with a modern approach, through the use of multimedia technologies. This trend will continue, as the program of the 2021 edition of the Festival will present new opera performances.” said Mihai Constantinescu, the general director of the George Enescu Festival.

At the opening conference of the Festival in 2019, the artistic director of the Festival, maestro Vladimir Jurowski, emphasized that the program of the 2019 edition highlighted the concern for the world of opera, presenting a variety of masterpieces, from the greatest of the Baroque era to the elites of the musical theater of the 20th century.

“I believe that opera, more than any other art form, can bring together music and text, sound and vision, individual and global, to examine deeply and to explore those questions that try and define us all, as artists and as people. “(Vladimir Jurowski)

This tendency to promote opera began in 2017, with an innovative premiere: at the opening of the 2017 edition Vladimir Jurowski and the London Philharmonic Orchestra presented Oedipe in a concert version, for the first time with live multimedia screenings, under the artistic direction of Carmen Lidia Vidu.

At the 2019 edition of the Festival, there were 14 operas in concert, both works of the 20th century, as well as baroque or classical. Four of these were completed by multimedia creations and visual architecture, signed by Carmen Lidia Vidu, Nona Ciobanu and Peter Kosir.

The festival audience enjoyed three works in concert presented for the first time: Die Frau Ohne Schatten, by Strauss, in the interpretation of the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin, Moses and Aaron, by Schönberg, in the interpretation of the George Enescu Philharmonic and Peter Grimes, by Britten – presented by the National Radio Orchestra. Also for the first time at the Enescu Festival, the audience listened to Jeanne d’Arc au Bucher, by Honegger, with the Orchestre National de Lille, Bluebeard’s Castle, by Bartok, in the interpretation of the Polish National Radio Orchestra, conducted by Cristian Mandeal. In addition, the Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liège performed La Voix Humaine by Poulenc, on the stage of the Enescu Festival and the Basel Chamber Orchestra presented Don Giovanni, by Mozart.

The admirers of the lyrical genre had the opportunity to listen to the special interpretations of an entire gallery of soloists. Diana Damrau, Joyce DiDonato, Sir Bryn Terfel, Marlis Petersen, Rolando Villazon stepped onto the Festival stage in recitals and performances in format of opera in concert or in special concerts. Notable maestros such as Vladimir Jurowski, Giovanni Antonini and René Jacobs conducted these performances.

Other nominees include Lise Davidson, Sir Bryn Terfel and Kirill Petrenko, all present at the “George Enescu” International Festival in 2019, Romanians Adela Zaharia and George Petean, as well as the bassist René Pape, who also participated in the previous editions of the festival.

Also, the opera in concert “Leonora”, a story about love, personal sacrifice and heroism signed by L.v. Beethoven, performed at the Festival, was nominated in the Recording (Complete Opera) category.

DC Communication joins Artexim in organizing the “George Enescu” International Festival and Competition

ARTEXIM, the organizer of the “George Enescu” International Festival and Competition, announces that it will receive DC Communication’s consultancy, as partner, starting next year. This new collaboration will continue to consolidate the image of the most important cultural event in Romania, both nationally and internationally, concurring to the tradition of promoting our greatest composer, the Romanian artists and the contemporary music.

The 16th edition of the “George Enescu” International Competition will take place between 123 September 2018 and will reunite hundreds of talented youngsters, within the four sections: cello, violin, piano and composition. The deadline for registrations is 15th April 2018.

The 24th edition of the “George Enescu” International Festival – 2019 will outgrow the amplitude of the current edition and will host famous artists, who will perform near renowned ochestras. The opening concert will be sustained by the Berliner Philharmoniker, conducted by Kirill Petrenko.

The successful concert series will continue: Great Orchestras of the WorldBy Midnightrecitals and concerts at the Romanian Athenaeum, and also the Music of the XXIst Century. The latest editions of the “George Enescu” International Festival were produced by the Romanian Government, through the agency of the Ministry of Culture and National Identity and were organized under the High Patronage of the President of Romania.

“We join the Festival’s organizers with much enthusiasm and respect. We wish to consolidate the standards on which the communication was built, to contribute to a diversifications of the projects that cultivate the taste for music and to promote this precious jewel to a broader audience”, has declared Crenguța Roșu, Managing Partner at DC Communication.

DC Communication is a Romanian communication and public relations company, founded in 1995 by Teodor Frolu and Crenguța Roșu. As partner, the agency will offer consultancy to ARTEXIM’s internal press deparment for fundrasing activities, mantaining sponsorship and media relations, while leading the communication strategy to a new stage.

Call for applications George Enescu International Competition

Give life to your dream! The 2016 edition of the George Enescu International Competition takes place between September 3 and 25 and it brings to the stage of the Romanian Athenaeum some of the most promising young artists of the moment, as well as established musicians, laureates of the Competition, who are now important international figures, who will give a series of extraordinary recitals.

The George Enescu International Competition is organized with a new concept, which will bring to the stage of the Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest, along competing young artists, acclaimed figures of the world music and winners of previous editions, who have made an international career, as well as winners of the 2014 competition, both for the three instruments and for composition. An event per se, the Enescu Competition has become over the years a platform for the promotion of young talents on the international stage, opening the way for international careers to young artists and bringing the audience the chance to listen to an entire music journey over 22 days.

The topic of the 2016 Competition is the power to give life to our dreams, a power that animates young competitors to prepare, to work and to perform on stage, in front of the jury and of the audience. We are the sum of our dreams, as individuals and as a society.

Rules: The 2016 George Enescu International Competition for Cello, Composition, Violin and Piano is open to participants of all nationalities, born after August 1st, 1983. No exception to this age limit is accepted.
The competition starts with a pre-selection round that will take place from June 15 to 30, 2016. The application deadline is 1st of June 2016 (mail and e-mail date). The participation fee for the Cello, Violin and Piano Competitions is in amount of 100 Euro. The participation fee for the Composition Competition is in amount of 50 Euro/work. Find the competition rules here –

Application: The application form can be uploaded on the website

For questions and more information please contact us:  Simona Rentea | |

Vasily Petrenko, Chief Conductor @EUYO

The European Union Youth Orchestra is delighted to announce that Vasily Petrenko and Bernard Haitink take up new positions with the Orchestra. Vasily Petrenko will take up the position of Chief Conductor of the Orchestra in September 2015 and that Bernard Haitink CH, KBE, is appointed as Conductor Laureate of the EUYO with immediate effect.

 Vasily Petrenko has established an impressive relationship with the Orchestra over a number of years. Last summer he took over a demanding and varied set of programmes with the EUYO at short notice to great critical acclaim at the BBC Proms and elsewhere in Europe. He will lead the Orchestra in projects on a regular basis in future years, working with the EUYO to help plan its music programme and ensure the maintenance of the highest standards in all aspects of its artistic work. His achievements as Chief Conductor Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Chief Conductor Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, and Principal Guest Conductor Mikhailovsky Theatre St Petersburg have shown him to have exceptional skills, both as a conductor and also as a leader of orchestras.

Bernard Haitink, who has a particularly distinguished history with the EUYO, first conducted the Orchestra in 1989, and was its Music Director from 1994-2000 following the Orchestra’s foundation under Music Director Claudio Abbado. Bernard Haitink returns to conduct the EUYO in the summer of 2016 as part of a celebration of the Orchestra’s 40th anniversary, and the EUYO is thrilled to be able to renew this association with such an eminent musician, conductor and teacher.

The Orchestra also takes this opportunity to thank Vladimir Ashkenazy for his tireless and generous commitment to the EUYO, both as its Music Director for the last fifteen years, and also as a conductor with the Orchestra for many years before that. As the Orchestra moves forward to the next chapter of its life, Vladimir Ashkenazy’s contribution as a teacher and friend of the players will remain as an inspiration to be remembered and honoured.

“It is a great pleasure for me to accept the invitation to assume the role of Chief Conductor of the European Union Youth Orchestra. Since our first collaboration in 2008, I have been impressed by their musical excellence, artistic versatility, constant commitment to education and their cultural role within the European Union. It is an honour to be given the opportunity to build on the extraordinary legacy of Maestros Claudio Abbado, Bernard Haitink and Vladimir Ashkenazy and, together with a dynamic and forward-thinking management, lead this remarkable Orchestra in the years ahead.”Vasily Petrenko

“The imposing quality of Vasily Petrenko’s work with the EUYO in 2014, together with his acclaimed performances with a number of top orchestras throughout the world, are testament to a conductor of prodigious vision, skill and musicianship. We are delighted to welcome him as the Orchestra’s Chief Conductor. At the same time I know that everyone involved with the EUYO is honoured that Bernard Haitink returns to the Orchestra as Conductor Laureate, and I would like to thank retiring Music Director Vladimir Ashkenazy for his extraordinary generosity of spirit and friendship through a long and distinguished association with the Orchestra.”Marshall Marcus, CEO, European Union Youth Orchestra

Season Tickets and Single Tickets for the 2015 Enescu Festival

The 2015 Edition will take place between August 30 and September 20 in Bucharest, and will host for 22 days 58 concerts at The Pallace Hall and The Romanian Athenaeum, as well as several outdoor events organized under the auspices of The Enescu Festival Square (September 3 to 20) and The Creative Bucharest – two artistic projects with the value of a true cultural olympiad.

Prestigious names in international classical music will participate in the George Enescu Festival’s upcoming edition. You can find the full programme of the 2015 Enescu Festival HERE.


Enescu Festival Season Tickets will go on sale to the public starting Thursday, January 15, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. in five types of subscription:

  • Season Tickets TYPE A— subscription to all-concerts in the GREAT ORCHESTRAS OF THE WORLD series at The Palace Hall, as follows: Price Level I – 2200 RON; Price Level II – 1700 RON; Price Level III – 1300 RON; Price Level IV – 1000 RON.
  • Season Tickets TYPE A1 and TYPE A2 —subscription to 11-concerts (in two distinct combinations: A1 and A2) of the GREAT ORCHESTRAS OF THE WORLD series at The Palace Hall, as follows: Price Level I – 1250 RON; Price Level II – 1000 RON; Price Level III – 750 RON; Price Level IV – 550 RON.
  • Season Tickets TYPE B — subscription to all-concerts in the RECITALS AND CHAMBER MUSIC series at The Romanian Athenaeum, as follows: Price Level I – 2000 RON; Price Level II – 1600 RON
  • Season Tickets TYPE C — subscription to all-concerts in the BY MIDNIGHT series at The Romanian Athenaeum, as follows: Price Level I – 900 RON; Price Level II – 700 RON
  • Season Tickets TYPE D — subscription to all-concerts in the MORNING CONCERTS series at The Romanian Athenaeum and The Palace Small Hall, as follows: Price Level I – 200 RON; Price Level II – 170 RON

The 2015 Festival keeps the traditional discounts for seniors, youths and students, therefore their subscription prices for seasonal tickets range between 750 RON and 350 RON.

Single tickets for the 2015 Enescu Festival go on sale February 16, 2015, at 10:00 a.m.

Single tickets prices are offered as follows:


  • Price Level I 160 RON
  • Price Level II 130 RON
  • Price Level III 100 RON
  • Price Level IV 70 RON.

RECITALS AND CHAMBER MUSIC Series (The Romanian Athenaeum)

  • Price Level I 160 RON
  • Price Level II 130 RON

BY MIDNIGHT Series (The Romanian Athenaeum)

  • Price Level I 160 RON
  • Price Level II 130 RON

MORNING CONCERTS Series (The Romanian Athenaeum and The Palace Small Hall)

  • Price Level I 50 RON
  • Price Level II 40 RON

Press access to the 2015 Festival’s events is granted only with Press Badge attesting valid accreditation. The accreditation procedure for both press and bloggers will be publicly announced in due time through all the communication channels of the Festival.

Starting 2014 Romania Will Honor George Enescu Every Year

Following its 2014 success, George Enescu International Competition will be organized henceforth as a stand-alone event, alternating with the Festival. The upcoming edition will take place between September 3 and 25, 2016, at The Romanian Athenaeum and the National Music University of Bucharest.

Honoring its tradition to launch some of the great artists of our time on their way to fame, the Enescu Competition makes Romania matter in the international cultural arena, as it certifies and valorizes young emerging artists who represent the future elite of the classical music worldwide.

„The results of the 2014 Enescu Competition organized separately from the Festival; the 20% increase in the number of competitors; the sold-out main concerts; and the wide foreign press coverage – all prove the event has reached the maturity to unfold on its own. As a result of organizing the Competition alternately with the Festival, George Enescu’s name continues to be honored both at home and internationally in two essential ways: not only that prestigious orchestras and artists perform Enescu’s works in the Festival, but also his works become part of the emerging artists’ repertoire worldwide. Soon enough George Enescu’s compositions are interpreted on world’s most prestigious scenes and also recorded – more than a few laureates of the Enescu Competition have their recordings of the Romanian composer’s works released by international record labels. It is a Romanian success at the highest level and the proof that „Romania Matters!” declared for press Mihai Constantinescu, Executive Director of the George Enescu Festival and Competition.

Several distinguished Romanian and foreign musicians who were part of the 2014 Edition Jury emphasize Enescu Competition’s international significance:

“What makes Enescu Competition special to me is its competence to communicate George Enescu’s genius as a composer, conductor and violinist, as well as his singular approach to music, which touches us, in the jury, and is unmistakable in the competitors’ performance. Undoubtedly, the 2014 Competition rose to a higher level than the 2011 edition – manifest both in the caliber of the jury and in the exquisite talent and preparation of the finalists” – Alan Weiss (USA), member of the Piano Section Jury, regarded as one of the most prominent pianists of his generation.

“The 2014 Edition of the Enescu Competition was absolutely perfect. I think that the contenders’ artistic level rose higher than in the previous (2011) edition, and I was glad to be part of the jury and notice firsthand this progress” – Augustin León Ara (Spain), member of the Violin Section Jury, a worldwide celebrated soloist and professor.

“George Enescu International Competition’s Violin Section is in the premier league of the competitions of its kind, and on equal terms of relevance with Indianapolis (USA), Jacques Thibaud (France), Wieniawski (Poznan-Poland) and Kreisler (Austria). This makes me genuinely happy. The superior artistic level of the Competition fuels its prestige furthermore. The 2014 Edition improved on the previous one (2011) in many key aspects: the Competition’s programme, the remarkable quality of piano accompanists, logistics, and all things related to image – Florin Croitoru (România), member of the Violin Section Jury, soloist and teacher, one of the most reputed Romanian violinists.

Premier Information about Enescu Competition – 2016

he 2016 Edition will open at The Romanian Athenaeum with a Gala Concert performed by three of the previous editions’ laureates, Romanian musicians celebrated today worldwide – violinist Ana Țifu (laureate of the 2007 Edition), pianist Mihai Ritivoiu and celloist Valentin Răduțiu (laureates of the 2011 Edition).

All three Laureates of the 2014 Edition will give extraordinary recitals in the 2016 Edition of the Enescu Competition: Ștefan Tarara, the Romanian-born violinist now living in Germany – on September 18; the Spanish pianist Josu de Solaun – on September 24; and South Korean celloist Eun-Sun Hong – on September 10.

A few members of the Jury, illustrious names in the international classical music today, will give recitals as well: Jean Philippe Collard – piano (September 22), Pierre Amoyal – violin (September 16).

Distinguished artists worldwide confirmed their participation as members of the Competition’s Juries: Jean Philippe Collard – President of the Piano Competition Jury, Natalia Gutmann li Arto Noras (Cello Section), Peter Ruzicka (Composition Section), famous Romanian-born violinist Silvia Marcovici and violinist Remus Azoiței, the youngest violin teacher and the only Romanian musician in the history of the Royal Academy of Music in London (Violin Section).

Enescu Competition Firsts in the 2014 Edition (September 6 – 27):

  • The three Laureates of the 2014 Enescu Competition – violinist Ștefan Tarara (Germany), celloist Sung-Eun Hong (South Korea), and pianist Josu de Solaun (Spain) – will join forces onstage in an inspiring performance of the Beethoven’s Triple Concerto (for Violin, Cello, and Piano) in C Major, Op. 56. The concert will take place on August 10, 2015, during the prestigious Ravello Festival (Italy) and will be broadcast live by RAI Television network.
  • Ștefan Tarara, the winner in the Violin Section, will participate also at the 2015 Enescu Festival.
  • Master Classes offered to the Competition’s laureates by two of the most renowned music institutions in the world, both partners of the Enescu Competition – the International Music Academy of Vienna and Kronberg Academy.
  • Execution of an internal and external communication campaign with the key message „Romania Matters!”
  • Public admission was based upon online registration via a modern system implemented ad hoc
  • Live broadcasts on a large screen outside the Romanian Athenaeum (100 seated)
  • „Romania Matters!” Video Campaign with 7 internationally famous artists today, previous laureates of the Enescu Competition
  • Enhanced Social Media presence with debut of the George Enescu Festival and Competition Instagram page.

2014 Edition in Numbers

  • 240 young artists from 36 countries on 5 continents registered in the Competition ; total prizes worth of over 100,000 euro;
  • 3,000 online registrations for admission in the first 24 hours; partnership with 3 international television networks (France24, Euronews and Mezzo); over 1,800 items in domestic press coverage
  • Over 64,000 unique visitors to;
  • During the Enescu Competition, was accessed from all over the world: Germany (6.27%), USA (5.80%), Japan (3.98%), Romania (55%) etc.
  • The Competition generated 221 posts on blogs; the Enescu Festival and Competition Facebook page registered a spike in reach of 45,648 people and attracted over 34,000 fans (and growing).

Additional Information about the Competition

Brilliant soloists such as violinist Ștefan Ruha, pianist Valentin Gheorghiu, renown violinist Silvia Marcovici (who performs under the baton of the world famous conductors Zubin Mehta, Claudio Abbado or Riccardo Muti), Radu Lupu and Dan Grigore (two of the most valued Romanian pianists worldwide); other artists revered in the lyrical world – soprano Ileana Cotrubaș, mezzo-soprano Viorica Cortez, composer Dan Dediu – have all led extraordinary international careers following their debut as George Enescu International Competition’s laureates. Remarkable representatives of the new generation of artists: Alexandru Tomescu, Vlad Stănculeasa, Remus Azoiței, Ana Țifu have been prizewinners in the Competition as well, receiving this way the accolades that propelled them to fame.

George Enescu International Competition is intended as a natural extension of the George Enescu Festival, the most important international cultural event organized by Romania.

In the spirit of George Enescu’s personal dedication to the encouragement of young musicians – as the Honorary Director of the Romanian Musical Association, he made substantial donations to pay for musicians’ scholarships, and in 1912 he took a tour through Romania and raised over a thousand sterling pounds in order to launch a national composition award – the George Enescu Competition recognizes, supports and promotes young talents worldwide, endorsing in this way the future golden generations of the universal classical music.