The idea of European unity promotes peace in a continent formed by the historical evolution of the last centuries. The diversity of people subsists the mosaic created by the multitude of traditions and languages reunited, by encouraging having an open mind, acceptance and recognition of the fundamental values of all the member states of the European Union. The key factor that maintains unity in the European area is culture. The phenomena that arises in art, literature, music is constantly advancing and is taken up at the level of European collective consciousness.

The European Union Orchestra, a musical project launched by Romania, brings together 90 musicians from the most important orchestras of the EU member states. By uniting this orchestra in Bucharest on the occasion of the launch of the Presidency of the EU Council of Romania, a unique model has been created to transcend the political, cultural, social and economic barriers. The harmonious realization of the project is due to the respect and understanding of the common values to all Member States, projected into a society governed by principles such as solidarity, tolerance, cohesion and justice.

The common values of the member countries participating in this special event are celebrated through the anthem of the European Union – elected in 1972 by the Council of Europe and adopted by the European leaders as an official hymn in 1985 – “Ode to Joy”. The spirit of the Union is transmitted through Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony IX, by exposing the lyrics of Friedrich von Schiller’s poem “Ode to Joy”, which embraces the ideal of fraternity mirrored in the European way of life.

The concept of the European Union Orchestra is based on supporting and encouraging the rapprochement between the nations of the Union, while respecting the cultural diversity of the states – an idea through which the promotion of European unity and cohesion can be continued.