The European Union Youth Orchestra is an European musical project reuniting the most talented musicians from all member countries of the European Union under some of the world’s most famous conductors, in an Orchestra which transcends social, cultural, political and economic boundaries. Concerts and tours all over the world, collaborations with world renowned artists and the exceptional musicians’ level has won EUYO the outstanding reputation of one of the most prestigious orchestras in the world.

Concerts, tours and training sessions of the young musicians selected in the orchestra are fully financed by EUYO. EUYO performs two annual tours, in spring and in summer, being present in the most important concert halls and European festivals. Each tour is preceded by a residency period, of intensive studies and rehearsals. Beside traditional tours, EUYO frequently performs concerts and tours in Europe and other continents. In the spring of 2012, EUYO toured in premiere in Switzerland, Italy, Poland and Spain, and in August, in Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Austria and Macedonia.

Each year there are selections in each country for the approximately 130 positions in the orchestra. Even the current orchestra members must audition to keep their positions. Also, EUYO has a backup list of approximately 200 musicians, with a chance to be a part of the orchestra during the year.

EUYO offers the chance of an unique professional experience for young instrumentalists who wish a career as orchestra musicians. Developing the interpretative technique at the highest level, the experience of grand concert halls, meeting with the best masters, prepare them for a successful international career. Over 90% of EUYO members become renowned professional musicians, and the majority easy find a position within the European leading orchestras.